Gold award: Innovative approaches in the field of process optimization

Process innovation solves technological issues ensuring the quality of polymer helical gears in planetary drive.

High quality polymer gears directly increase the lifespan and ensure smooth running and low noise emissions. The solution combines interdisciplinary approaches to work, to eliminate the processes of machining teeth on pre-injected moulded bases with the process of injection molding of the final gear shape. The solution had cost benefit in the production of e-mobility gearboxes and the reduction in the amount of polymer consumed, which is important in sustainable engineering.


Innovation team: dr. Matija Hriberšek, dr. Luka Knez, Tomaž Kastelic, Aleš Turk, Matej Bregar, Tomaž Arnič, Anja Podkrižnik, Linda Barbara Štampar, dr. Simon Kulovec.

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