Mechatronic systems and gearboxes

Purpose-made smart mechatronic systems for different industries and applications

We provide our customers with the development of mechatronic systems which are optimised and developed based on their desires, enabling them to achieve the best results for their products. With many years of experience and our top team in the field of Development and Research, the development of mechatronic systems always begins at the heart of mechanics, where optimum movement transmission mechanical systems are developed, and optimum geometries of the system and materials are selected to achieve the mechanical function of the system. The mechanical part of the system is then upgraded with appropriate command and control, using smart actuators, sensors, electronics and algorithms, enabling the appropriate and full function of the systems. The products developed are prototyped, validated and, finally, put into serial production for our customers using the purpose-developed equipment. Owing to our specific “know-how” and many years of research in the field of Testing Materials and Gear tooth forms, our systems are known for withstanding heavier loads at a smaller volume.