Creating movement


A system development partner for the best drive solutions

The company develops purpose-made finished products for known customers, offering their serial production.

The company develops and produces purpose-made smart mechatronic systems for different industries and applications.

High-quality hydraulic modules are produced using oriented technology.

Highly sophisticated components and semi-manufactured products are made within micron tolerances, and tested in our measurement laboratory with modern equipment.

Technically complex high-precision elements are produced from various metal materials.

Products are developed and sophisticated tools produced through our development and in cooperation with our external partners.

Complex and technologically demanding hybrid assemblies are constructed from technically demanding materials.

Driving for perfection

Applications on the market

The systems can function in different industries through innovative concepts, research and development, as well as high-precision manufacture of products.

As a system partner, we develop and produce intelligent drive systems and semi-manufactured products with the maximum energy density at minimum volume. Optimum drive systems and semi-manufactured products requiring less material to be used are developed with our active research and by testing new materials and our gear tooth forms, thus contributing to the reduction of the environmental pollution and offering greater flexibility in developing innovative finished products to our customers.

Our systems, modules and semi-manufactured products are used in different industries:

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Incredible future

Innovation in technology

We provide our clients with the best performing drive solutions from the root research activities through the R&D phase, prototyping and testing, to the most qualitative and cost-effective serial production. All made »under the roof« of the Podkrižnik group.

As a system partner, we innovate at every stage of our activities, required from the initial idea of a product to its serial production. A team of experts in the fields of Research and Development of Drive Systems and Modules, Development of Production Technologies and Automation, as well as global sourcing of materials purchased additionally, as well as a team of production units where all products are manufactured carefully and cost-effectively, are joined under one roof.

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We are the Podkrižnik group

About us


A system development partner for the best drive solutions

We offer comprehensive system solutions in the fields of Drive Technology, Gearboxes, Hydraulic Modules and High-Precision Metal and Plastic Semi-manufactured Products. Our basic philosophy is based on simplicity. We have the ambition, an extraordinary will, state-of-the-art knowledge, cutting-edge technology and, above all, the energy to achieve the impossible.

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