Silver award: Working boat with electric propulsion edyn

The vessel for bathymetry is a complete solution for anyone who needs information on what is going on below the water surface.

The vessel is suitable for rivers, lakes, or the sea. It can be used both to monitor changes in the bottom over time and to search for specific objects such as sunken ships or the variability of the bottom so that a safe passage can be determined for larger vessels with a higher draft. The entire set offers the user a high-tech solution, which we do not encounter very often on the market, or during our research such a dedicated application was not found at all.

Innovation team: Tomaž Murko, Matevž Reberčnik, Erik Dobrovc, Andrej Štok, Anja Podkrižnik, Igor Pečnik, Jure Podkrižnik, dr. Luka Knez, dr. Simon Kulovec


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